Our Big, Exciting Announcement!

Boyd and I have been praying for a long time about what God wants our family to do in the means of orphan care. For many years, the answer has been the same: support Babu’s orphanage and his ministry in India. But recently, within the last couple of months, God has laid a new passion on our hearts. So it is with great joy that I announce…

Our family is adopting a baby girl!

I am giddy with excitement, and have wanted to say something for a while, but our announcement was a Christmas surprise to the grandparents, so I had to wait until at least December 26th. 🙂

We do not know yet what road we’re going to take for adoption. We’re 99.999% sure it will be domestic, either via domestic adoption or foster-to-adopt. Boyd is planning on visiting with Babu about it when he goes to India in March, but we both feel very strongly led to adopt from within the United States.

I think Sara Claire might be the most excited – she’s telling everyone who will listen that she’s getting a baby sister. It’s so sweet to hear. She was disappointed when I told her there was no way we could have a new baby by this Christmas (though wouldn’t that have been nice?).

So this blog will be where I post updates about our adoption journey, how you can pray for and support us in our adoption, and how you can support orphans here at home and around the world.

Over the next few days I will post our backstory and how God has led us to this moment. But for now I just had to shout it out (now that the cat’s out of the bag for the grandparents & great-grandparents). We are SO excited and cannot wait to meet the sweet baby girl that will one day be a part of our family forever!


4 thoughts on “Our Big, Exciting Announcement!

  1. Congratulations! Uncle Rod and I have been foster parents to several kids, and 3 years ago adopted three daughters of one of the girls who had a massive stroke at 27 and is not able to raise them. All of them have been a blessing to our family and brought lots of love and chaos! It is very rewarding to be a part of either helping in the recovery and education of a family that is torn apart for whatever reasons, or to giving the kids a second chance at family life that is so crucial to their future development. We always opted for the older kids and it definitely came with its challenges, but in the end there is no better feeling than to know you played an important role in their survival, happiness, and successes. Much love to all of you, and we wish you the best in everything! Aunt Sandy and Uncle Rod

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