Project Life Tuesday

I’m linking up with Jessica at the Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

The Mom Creative
I have been using the digital versions of Project Life for a little over a year now.  I used to be an avid scrapbooker but since having a child, I could not sit down and work 2 hours on a single page the way I used to!  {Not to mention, the restricted budget and the closest Hobby Lobby being 25 miles away kind of puts a damper on traditional scrapbooking.}

I bought the digital Olive Edition when it was on sale (designed by Heather Bailey of all the gorgeous fabric lines – swoon!).  I LOVE Heather’s fabric styles and her Project Life offering was just as gorgeous!

I am not a 365-er, although I do snap a lot of photos with my phone & Coolpix.  I can’t handle the pressure of a photo-a-day.  I just snap photos as I see & want them.  So I am not sure what forms my PL Tuesdays will take.  These pages are for my daughter’s 1st grade year album and I scrap as I get photos (and time!).

Even though I am currently working on her baby album, and haven’t even done the first half of this school year yet, I wanted to start off my PL of 2013 with the first page from 2013.  So I scrapped our adventures from New Year’s Eve.


I used a background paper I created from the Olive Edition, the (free) Happy New Year sign from eighteen25, and the (free) chevron journaling cards from September Blue.  I used ck Jot, Museo Slab, & Lobster as my fonts.

I cannot describe how much I absolutely LOVE Project Life and what it’s meant to me!  It makes memory keeping so easy!  I literally threw this page together in about 20 minutes, and that includes creating my background page!  One of the terrible side effects of coumadin (that my doctors – ironically – forgot to tell me about) it that it has devastating effects on both short & long term memory.  Thanks to Project Life, I’ve been able to record what all goes on in our family’s life.  It’s been wonderful!

And before anyone thinks I’m some sort of super-scrapper, let me disclose: the way I can get my pages done so fast is because I use these incredible Project Life Pocket Pages Photoshop actions from Wendyzine.  I use the actions for CS5 but she also included actions for PS Elements.  I got the actions more than a year ago and cannot tell you how much I have used them – enough to create 4 completed albums and 2 in-process albums!  {You can watch a tutorial on how to use them at the Daily Digi!}  As far as printing, I like my books to be as compact as possible.  So I wait until my favorite photo book companies (Picaboo & Mixbook) put out killer deals, like $30 for a $100 gift certificate.  I can print a 46 page album for that $100 credit.  But you could always print out your pages and put them in protective sleeves and then into a binder.

So that’s all for today.  My pages aren’t glamorous, and I don’t like adding extra elements to my pages.  I think what attracted me to Project Life was its simplicity and its clean lines & design.  So I mostly go with photos, texts, and a filler card or two here & there (I’m also cheap, so I use more photos per page to get more bang for my buck!).

If any of my friends are wondering why I don’t make my own scrapbook stuff, since I make digital invitations & party supplies, it’s because there’s no time. I simply don’t have the free time to create stuff just for me to use in my personal scrapbook albums.  There are some incredibly talented people out there who have already created something I love!  My down time often involves grabbing my laptop, putting on some Downton Abbey, and scrapping a few pages.  It’s nice to be able to sit down and just scrap and not have to go through the process of making some extravagant kit.  If I had to rely on myself to create elements for scrapping, my albums would never get made!

Disclosure: there are no affiliate links or anything like that in this post.  The people and businesses I linked have no clue who I am.  I’m just sharing some products and a method I love!


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