Updates, updates, updates

A few updates about everything going on right now…

Boyd’s skin cancer diagnosis

We had his appointment to schedule surgery on the 14th.  The surgeon scheduled his procedure for the morning of March 26th, the very day after he gets back from India.  Can I just say the list of answered prayers has grown to about a mile long???  We had prayed diligently that his surgery would be scheduled ASAP, and the Lord delivered!  I am in awe of how many prayers God was gracious enough to answer, and so humbled that He would listen to our cries of sorrow, fear, and trepidation and answer them even quicker than we could have hoped!  The surgeon also gave us some more good information on his procedure.  They will do a wide excision on his back (thanks to my sweet friend Audra for making sure I knew to listen and/or ask for that term!) and send that for pathology.  They are expecting it to come back just fine, but said they will be looking to see if the melanoma cells spread far enough to reach the outer border of the excision.  However, they are very confident that won’t appear.  He said the mitosis rate of the cancer (how quickly the cancer cells are dividing) is so slow it’s almost non-existent.  We asked if we should be concerned about the length of Boyd’s India trip and he assured us Boyd was totally fine to go on the trip.  So he’ll be home on Monday and head to surgery the next morning.  We are praying for a clear report for this pathology, and ask that our family & friends would pray alongside us for that as well.  Which leads to…

The India trip…

The amount of information I actually know about the trip would fill a thimble (and that’s being a bit generous).  What I can disclose is that this trip is very different from the trips he has made previously, and so far it’s been his favorite.  They are getting to do and experience some amazing things.  Thankfully Babu has picked up a wireless internet router at some point between 2007 and now, and so Boyd has been able to send inch-long emails each night to reassure us they are OK and God is moving.  I cannot wait for him to get home and hear all about the trip.  His emails are very vague and short for security reasons, but from what I gather there has been a great harvest.  I did get to talk to him the other night for about half an hour, which was wonderful.  He talked to SC for a while, too, which was very needed.  She’s been pretty emotional since he left, having breakdowns multiple times a day.  Getting to talk to him seems to have taken the edge off her emotions.  She still has a crying jig at least once a day over missing her daddy, but her emotions have stabilized a little since getting to hear from him.  This is by far the most communication I’ve had with him out of his three trips to India.  2007 I think I only got 2 emails the entire time he was gone.  He’s been sending a nightly update (usually 2-3 sentences) to the other spouses, our pastor, and me.  The updates don’t really give details; they just assure us things are going well.  I am so excited for everything that is happening over there right now, but I gotta admit – I am ready for him to be home!  Maybe it has something to do with his cancer diagnosis, maybe it’s because we now have 10 years together under our belt instead of 3 or 4, but I’ve missed him so much more this time around.  Thankfully we have wonderful family & friends who have taken care of us this week, which eases the ache of loneliness.  This might be the only time I’m looking forward to a Monday!

Foster care…

So many family & friends have persistently asked what the latest is on our foster journey.  And before this week, I literally had nothing to share.  But I was contacted on Monday by our HDW to set up our final homestudy (!!!).  I did ask that it be pushed back to next week so it could be done after Boyd gets back from India.  Honestly, the speed of the foster process has been just one more blessing from God.  February moved so fast it almost did me in, and then March came to a screeching halt.  And I’m OK with that.  God knew what we would be dealing with in March – a cancer diagnosis, a mission trip to the other side of the world, the final weeks of CC, etc. – and He was gracious enough to give us some breathing room.  I am looking forward to our next home study and visiting with our HDW; she’s a wonderful lady and we’re so blessed to have her for our case.

This week has given me a greatly increased respect for single moms and military moms.  It has worn me slap out.  And I don’t even have a job outside the home!  (Although, to be fair, doing all this schoolwork + preparing for Memory Master requires more than 40 hours a week!)  Tomorrow SC has a birthday party for one of her best friends, and the mom (who is a really good friend of mine) encouraged me to take some time for myself while SC is at the party.  I’d originally told her I would come to help out, but I’m seriously considering taking her up on her offer.  I need to get the house cleaned (blech) and get my lessons for Tuesday planned.  Normally I do these on Sundays and Mondays, but I want my Monday calendar to be free of obligations so I can spend the time with my hubby.  If SC will let me get a minute of his time in, that is.  🙂

So that’s an update of what’s going on.  I’d be asleep now, but my night owl child is eating her second (full) plate of pasta for the night and watching Veggie Tales.  And it’s OK.  This week, while completely exhausting, has been a special bonding time for us.  And as thin as my patience has been stretched, I’m reminded every second how blessed I am to be her mommy.

Good night, everyone!  I will post about India (what I’m allowed to share, that is) once my baby gets home!  Only 2 more days!!!


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