Putting the Geography Lapbook Together

I’ve had LOTS of requests for this post, so here’s the instructions to the geography lapbook I posted on C3.  The file can be found on C3 by searching for: Cycle 2 Geography Lapbook – ALL WEEKS.pdf

***FYI if you’re new to CC and don’t know what C3 is, it’s short for Classical Conversations Connected.  C3 is an online resource center for all things CC related.  Your director will input your info into the system and once classes are underway, you can log on and access all kinds of awesome info.  C3 is only $6 a month and well worth every cent!***

I designed the lapbook to have matchbook-style pieces.  Meaning that once they are printed, assembled, and folded, they should resemble a small matchbook.

Typical disclosure: my photos are terrible.  I use my phone for everything, and any time I write a blog post, it’s after all the other people in my house are in bed.  Nighttime = bad lighting from overhead indoor lights.  My apologies.  I know how to use my hubby’s nice camera, but the thought of pulling it out, tweaking settings, importing, converting raw to jpeg, etc… well, I’d like to go to bed before 3 am, and the phone is so easy.  So phone photos are it.

First get a folder.  This is your standard, run-of-the-mill 8.5X11 file folder.  Lay it out flat and then fold the outside edges in until they meet in the middle.  This will create “shutters” with the folded sides of the folder.  (How many more times can I use a word that contains the root “fold”?)  😉  You will need 2-3 folders to hold every piece.  When it’s time to add a second folder, you would just glue the back of the shutter flap of your first folder to the back of the shutter flap of your second folder.  (And if these instructions are clear as mud, check out this youtube video on how to assemble a lapbook).


Then get your printed lapbook pages.


If you have an awesome printer, you could probably print the whole thing front & back.  I do not have an awesome printer, so I have to do the old cut-and-paste method.


Print your images front & back (or cut & paste them like I do).  When done, you should have unfolded matchbooks of each week’s memory work.  Fold the pieces on the lines to create a matchbook for each week.


Then glue the piece(s) into your lapbook.  (I’m going to reuse this folder for another lapbook, so I used tape for the example.  Pretend there’s glue where I have pieces of tape.)



When closed, the matchbook will show the week and the title of the memory work.  To complete the lapbook, simply have your child identify the locations and write the names on the lines provided.


You can either add a matchbook a week (that’s what we’re doing at our house – which is why I don’t have images of a fully-completed lapbook) or if you have really small children, you can pre-assemble the lapbook in its entirety, so all they have to do is write the locations each week.

The last part of the lapbook is a year-in-review geography section.  This is how I will assemble these pieces:


(FYI the locations are NOT blurred out on the copy you download from C3.)  😉

I will use this in 3 ways.  1, I will have a running folder that she will work on each week.  2, I will assemble one for her to work through after week 12 (and she will cover all the geography learned up to that point).  3,   I will make a few for her to use weekly from week 20 onward to practice for Memory Master.

This will require 2 folders each time it’s assembled – one for the world locations and one for the Europe locations.

Also, all the typos (as far as I know!) have been corrected!  How embarrassing is this – the Essentials tutor can’t even edit her own work?!  Who wants to volunteer to be my editor, since apparently I’m incapable of doing it myself?  😉

Hope this answers some questions about the geography lapbook!  Enjoy!


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