New Science Printables on C3!

I found out the other day that Grismar, my go-to resource for science printables, was not going to be making CC printables anymore.  Talk about feeling a void!  My daughter loved her printables and they were great files to use to review memory work.  I decided the only way I could possibly fill the void left now that her awesome designs are gone, was to try and make them myself.

So I did.  And I’ve uploaded the first six weeks to C3 if you’re interested in them!  Search for the file name listed above each photo.  Each file contains an answer key, and cut & paste, and a label-by-hand sheet.

(Oh, and the purple splotches aren’t on the C3 files – that’s just to keep CC material limited to those enrolled at a campus.)  🙂

Week 1 – Seven Types of Biomes – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 2 – Three Types of Consumers – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 3 – Parts of the Food Chain – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 4 – Natural Cycles – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 5 – Environmental Change – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 6- Pollution – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


I am working on weeks 7-12 and will post when those are uploaded.  Enjoy!

***Edited to add:  Melody at And Here We Go! has created some history sentence mix-and-match cards in Grismar style!  Clearly I’m not the only one missing her resources!  LOL  To find out how to get a copy of the history sentence cards, check out this post on Melody’s blog!***


11 thoughts on “New Science Printables on C3!

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Ha! How funny that we both did different subjects Grismar-style! Too cool! Going to download your new printables tonight! Thanks SO much!! 🙂

  2. Thank you! Thank you! When I saw these on C3 I printed them all off immediately and thought I sure hope she keeps making these. I think we all groaned a little when we saw that Grismar was taking a different path. However, it’s brought me to your site and I can’t wait to follow your journey!

  3. I’m excited to make these, but can’t seem to find them on C3. I’m typing in kkillingsworth under the “uploaded by” box in the “at home sharing” section of C3. Please help! Thanks!

    • I would really like to use these.
      I’m searching the same way and can’t seem to find them either.
      Hoping to find more info soon!

  4. Hi I love these and can’t seem to locate the files in CC Connected under your name…?? Thanks so much for sharing…now can you help me find them? 🙂

  5. Thank you sooo much… this is actually a ministry for us! We are in our 1st year in CC and this is so helpful! Keep up the great work! And so cute , simple too!

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