Our Plans – CC Cycle 2 Week 1

I am super-duper excited that our campus started back today!  I feel like I have spent my whole summer preparing for this day.  🙂  The truth is, I worked really hard preparing because I was sure that by this time, DCFS would have finalized our certification and we’d have a baby placed with our family by now.  But that’s obviously not the Lord’s plan – and I’m OK with that.  I trust that HIS plan and HIS timing are waaaaaaaay better than any plan or time frame I could imagine!  And this period has not been fruitless.  In fact, just on Sunday, I got to share the gospel with a young woman I’ve been ministering to over the past few months, and (had we had a baby placed with us back before July) this relationship would have never even begun.  So, I’m going to give Him glory in all things and try to make the most of any and all opportunities He brings to my path, rather than resent when things don’t turn out “my way.”

Wow, that train derailed a little bit.  😉  Back to the subject at hand – CC Week 1.  *squeal*

Over on Melody’s blog, I saw this AMAZING hanging-wall-folder-organizational-thingie.  (I do believe that’s the technical term!)  I asked her where she got it and ordered one for myself.  While she’s using hers to break down each week by subject, I’m using mine to break down each week by daily work.  I know I probably seem to have OCD to the nth degree to where I have to schedule every single second of our day – I promise you that’s not the case!  I just try to be really proactive because I know my personality and I know if I don’t have it planned and prepared and ready to work, it won’t happen.  That’s just the honest, unvarnished truth.


This sight just makes me happy!  *sigh*  😉

Then, my little folder-loving, lapbook-aficionado daughter threw me a curve ball last week and said she no longer wanted to keep her lapbook pieces in folders; she wanted to glue them onto pieces of cardstock, hole punch the cardstock sheets, and store them in binders.  Oooo-kay.  So I went to Office Depot to snatch up some of their $0.50 binders before they were all gone.  I went by my friend Jenny’s house (my awesome friend Jenny: childcare worker for our CC campus and my partner-in-crime for teaching the 4th-6th graders at our church – love you, Jenny!) and got her to make some labels for me for the binders.  Jenny has a cricut and I have a pack of chalkboard contact paper I bought over a year ago and it’s been gathering dust in the closet.  Voila!  Pretty labels for SC’s binders!

IMG_1709 IMG_1708

(Purple binders with gold ink?  A certain little girl was thrilled that these matched LSU’s colors.  Maybe she’s preparing for college a bit early?  No, no, I’m not going to let time advance that quickly!)

(And yes, there’s no Latin binder, because we’re focusing on writing out the conjugations this year, and in the interest of conserving paper & ink, we’re using dry erase markers on laminated charts.)  🙂

So.  Onto what we’re doing this week!

Tuesday – Campus day.   SC participates in Foundations in the morning, then does memory work review with Jenny (see above paragraph detailing her awesomeness!) in the afternoon while I tutor Essentials.



  • All Subjects:  This is the day she does the lapbook pieces from Wisdom & Righteousness.
  • English:  I also downloaded a foldable for the parts of speech from C3 (C2 Wk 1_Eng Gram_Foldable_KK.pdf).  We will continue to work on this throughout the year to review the POSs and include their definitions.  Watch BrainPop video “Parts of Speech.”
  • History:  Begin reading “Son of Charlemagne.”  Watch BrainPop video “Middle Ages.”
  • Geography:  BrainPop videos “Continents” & “Oceans.”  Pray for Asia using Operation World.
  • Science:  BrainPop video “Deserts.”  Magic School Bus episode “In the Rainforest.”



  • History: Study guide page & lapbook piece on Charlemagne from AJTL “Exploring the Middle Ages.”  We will use the study guide to begin practicing key word outlines and formulating ideas (pre-work for Essentials next year).
  • Timeline: Paste our mini-timeline figures into our timeline notebook.  (Tutorial here!)  ALSO I realized I’ve been linking the wrong blank timeline sheets here.  I do not use the ones from Simply Charlotte Mason; I use the blank timeline from Guest Hollow that can be found here.  This is – so far – the best blank timeline I’ve found!)
  • Science:  Study guide & lapbook piece on Biomes from AJTL “Exploring Science.”  BrainPop video “Tundra.”  Magic School Bus episode “Gets Swamped.”
  • Geography:  Blackline map with locations labeled (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Blackline Maps with Labels to Color Wks 1-24.pdf).  Pray for Europe using Operation World.
  • Math:  Skip count maze found on Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • Latin:  Conjugation file folder game (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin File Folder Game.pdf)
  • English:  Parts of Speech flower (my file on C3: Week 1 – Part of Speech flower activity.pdf)



  • History:  History Sentence Fill-in-the-Blanks from C3 (History Sentences – fill-in-the-blanks Weeks 1-2.pdf)
  • Timeline:  Add timeline figures from HTTA to our timeline notebook.
  • Geography:  Laminated map activity game from C3 (Geography Game weeks 1-6.pdf).  Pray for Africa using Operation World.  Geography lapbook (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Geography Lapbook – ALL WEEKS.pdf)
  • Science:  Biomes cut & paste (my file on C3: Week 1 – Seven Types of Biomes – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf).  BrainPop video “Rainforest.”
  • Math:  Multiplication circles from Worksheet Fun.
  • Latin:  Fill in Conjugation Chart (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin Conjugation Chart.pdf)
  • English:  POS flip book (my file on C3:  Parts of Speech Flip Book.pdf).  This will be an ongoing activity throughout the year.



  • All subjects:  Binder Builder activities from AJTL.
  • Geography:  Trace laminated map onto tracing paper (these were ordered locally through our director).  I found the tracing paper at our educator supply store, but I’ve seen it at Walmart, too.  Pray for South America using Operation World.
  • Science:  BrainPop video “Savannah.”  Read “Rainforest.”
  • Math: Skip count on 200’s chart (given to me by my director last year – I can’t find it on C3!)

So that’s our plan for this week!  I have to say, it feels really good to have all her work stored in the hanging thingie, just waiting for us to pull out that day’s folder.  I’m so excited for this year!

Stay tuned –  I have a few posts planned on how to prepare your non-Essentials student for Essentials, and also some really fun math games we’re playing in Essentials this year!

OH, and I couldn’t leave this post without showing how we capped off our summer!  My parents bought us tickets to the Saints preseason game last week, and we had a blast!!!I  We donned our superbowl jerseys, added face tattoos (OK, that was just me & SC – the hubby wasn’t too keen on putting a tattoo on his face), and threw on our Saints-themed Mardi Gras beads.  We had great seats and noshed on shrimp and jambalaya while we watched our boys in black & gold do what they do best – WIN!!!



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7 thoughts on “Our Plans – CC Cycle 2 Week 1

  1. I’m so enjoying your blog! Thank you for posting your schedule for those of us, that might need a little “extra help” finding the really cool stuff for our CC’ers to view! Brain Pop for example. I had heard of it, but had no idea it had so many things that the kiddo’s could watch pertaining to our weekly memory work. I’m hoping you can continue to post your weekly plans for SC. 🙂 Okay, so where did Melody find the “hanging-wall-folder-organizational-thingie?” I love it too!!! Lastly, my hubby saw me reading your blog Tuesday night (which by the way we started our CC year back in full swing on Tuesday also)…looks like the Northern part of the state and the Southern part were learning about Charlemagne and the Seven Types of Biomes on Tuesday morning! Thanks again. Between you CC Connected posts and this blog…you are awesome! 😉

    • YIKES! LOL!!! I totally derailed the entire last part of my comment!!! I forgot to say, that my hubby saw your blog, and was quite…ummm….well, lets just say he is a HUGE New Orleans Saints fan. My hubs was a Saints fan back when it wasn’t cool to be a Saints fan…like 20+ years ago! LOL!!!!

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  3. Thank you so much for your ideas! We do something very similar but this is our 1st yr with CC and I so appreciate your links! Please do not stop as they are a blessing to our family

  4. I’ve been seeing CC stuff all over pinterest. I am very fascinated with all the pins of books ,worksheets and ideas. I know there is a local group near me, but it nothing like the pins or what I have read. I guess I just don’t understand what it all is. Would love a reply. Your website is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great attitude about God’s timing. Sometimes we focus on ourselves a lot and forget that God is working it ALL together for good, not just the tiny piece that we can see.

    I am someone who also needs to have everything planned out or else it won’t get done. Oh well…good thing I like making lists =) Too bad that organization in my brain doesn’t come out to organization in my home. I’m working on that, I promise!

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