Our Plans – CC Cycle 2 Week 2

This is for my sweet friend R., who asked that I would continue posting our plans for the week.  R, I will try to get them done BEFORE we have our CC day, but last week that just didn’t happen.  So I’m being proactive today.  🙂

*Disclaimer:  a lot of this will be repeat stuff, because we do a lot of the same things over and over!*

Also, I will not be posting specific countries we’re praying for anymore because I feel like that would be cutting it too close with the memory work.  But you can easily get a copy of Operation World and begin your own practice of praying for the nations as you study geography!

Tuesday – Campus day.   SC participates in Foundations in the morning, then does memory work review with my friend Jenny  in the afternoon while I tutor Essentials.



  • All Subjects:  This is the day she does the lapbook pieces from Wisdom & Righteousness.
  • English:  Add pronoun definition to our POS foldable. (Not pictured here because I forgot to add it, but you can see it in the week one plans post – file on C3 is: C2 Wk 1_Eng Gram_Foldable_KK.pdf by kkillingsworth)
  • History:  Begin reading Revenge of the Red Knight.  (**I am so excited to have discovered the Imagination Station books!  They are like the Magic Tree House series, except Christian!**)  Watch BrainPop video “Middle Ages.”



  • History: Study guide page & lapbook pieces on William the Conqueror, Medieval Social Classes, Life of Nobility, and Feudalism in Europe from AJTL “Exploring the Middle Ages.”
  • Timeline: Paste our mini-timeline figures into our timeline notebook.  (Tutorial here!)  using the blank timeline from Guest Hollow that can be found here.
  • Science:  Consumers cut & paste (my file on C3: Week 2 – Three Types of Consumers – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf).
  • Geography:  Blackline map with locations labeled (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Blackline Maps with Labels to Color Wks 1-24.pdf).
  • Math:  Skip count maze found on Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • Latin:  Fill in conjugations on dry erase version of Latin chart (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin Conjugation Chart.pdf)
  • English:  BrainPop video “Personal Pronouns.”  Add pronoun definition to POS flower (my file on C3: Week 1 – Part of Speech flower activity.pdf)




  • History:  History Sentence Fill-in-the-Blanks from C3 (History Sentences – fill-in-the-blanks Weeks 1-2.pdf) – not pictured.  BrainPop video “Feudalism.”
  • Timeline:  Add timeline figures from HTTA to our timeline notebook.
  • Geography:  Laminated map activity game from C3 (Geography Game weeks 1-6.pdf).   Geography lapbook (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Geography Lapbook – ALL WEEKS.pdf)
  • Science:  Study guide & lapbook piece on Consumers from AJTL “Exploring Science.” 
  • Math:  Multiplication circles from Worksheet Fun.
  • Latin:  Conjugation file folder game (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin File Folder Game.pdf)
  • English:  Add pronoun definition to POS flip book (my file on C3:  Parts of Speech Flip Book.pdf). – not pictured.  Complete pronoun definition worksheet (my file on C3: Week 2 – Pronoun – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf)




  • All subjects:  Binder Builder activities from AJTL.
  • Geography:  Trace laminated map onto tracing paper – not pictured
  • Math: Skip count on 200’s chart (given to me by my director last year – I can’t find it on C3!)


Hope you find these plans helpful!  I’ll post Week 3 when I have it ready!


3 thoughts on “Our Plans – CC Cycle 2 Week 2

  1. I am so excited to hear that you’ll continue posting your plans! We are a brand new campus, so most of the mommas are brand new to CC as well. Since we start 3 weeks after you, I will have time to review your weekly plans first. Oh, what a relief! My kiddos are both abecedarians, so much of this is over their heads – but I am so thankful to have the ideas and suggestions so I can take your plans and adjust accordingly. Ahhhh, thank you!

  2. Thank you, thank you! One editor’s note: I just printed my flip book (yay!) and noticed a possible error. The definition for pronoun is listed twice & the noun definition not at all. I got the noun definition off the front cover, so it worked out fine for me.
    Thanks for all your hard CC work. I truly appreciate it!!

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