Our Plans – CC Cycle 2, Week 3

I have to preface this post with this disclaimer that there are no photos for our week 3 plans.  But when you hear about our day today, I hope you’ll understand why.

I wanted a do-over by 9:00 am today – that’s how bad it was.  My day began by my slipping in a few drops of water that shot out of a dropped sippy cup outside the childcare room.  I came down hard and fast on my knee, and within seconds it was swelling and bleeding.  (In fact, it was so gross, that when I rolled up the bottom of my leggings, I found skin stuck to the fabric of the inside of my leggings – funnily enough, a few of the girls in my daughter’s class thought that was “really cool!”).  The sweet lady who works in the church office brought me 2 ziplocks full of ice and a towel, and I spent all of Foundations icing my knee to keep the swelling down.  I was debating whether or not to ask my sub to fill in for me this afternoon when it hit me.  I forgot to print my lesson plans.

You see, yesterday morning I woke up early and since the other night owls in my house were still sawing logs, I decided to take advantage of the quiet and get my lesson plans written.  2.5 hours later I had all my lesson plans written and ready.  We were having some friends over and I needed to get some stuff ready, so I put my laptop away with plans to print my lesson plans that evening after everyone left.  Guess what didn’t happen?

BUT my amazing hubby came to the rescue.  He left work, came home, converted all my lesson files to PDFs (so I could read them on my phone) and emailed them to me.  So even though it was going to be like reading crib notes in my palm (and my eyes were scratchy/contacts were blurry because yes, I cried a bit when I fell – it hurt that bad!), I had my lesson plans.


I was giddy about his help – until I realized my phone was dying and would not last through Essentials.  Last night when I went to bed, I had 50% battery power on my phone.  I didn’t plug it in because I knew 50% was more than enough to get me through the CC day.  That is, until I needed my phone to read my lesson plans.

Thankfully my daughter’s tutor is a super-close friend of mine, and she has a van that will charge your phone even when it’s off.  So I plugged my phone into her car and it built up some charge – just enough to get me through the afternoon.  When I got in the car at the end of the CC day, I had 3% battery.  The Lord is indeed merciful.

I made it through class – swollen, sore knee and teeny, tiny lesson plans in all.  But since I’ve been home, I’ve had my leg and aching knee propped up in the recliner and the only movement I plan on making tonight is from the recliner to the bed.

That’s why there’s no pictures tonight.  I climb up on a stool so I can shoot straight down on the papers (and avoid shadows) and there will be no stool-climbing tonight!

Tuesday – Campus day.   SC participates in Foundations in the morning, then does memory work review with my friend Jenny  in the afternoon while I tutor Essentials.


  • All Subjects:  This is the day she does the lapbook pieces from Wisdom & Righteousness.
  • History:  Finish reading Revenge of the Red Knight.  (**I am so excited to have discovered the Imagination Station books!  They are like the Magic Tree House series, except Christian!**)  Watch “Robin Hood.”  (Yes, I just linked a Disney movie – what of it?)  🙂
  • Geography: Trace laminated map onto tracing paper
  • Science:  Magic School Bus episode “Gets Eaten.”


  • History: Study guide page & lapbook pieces on The Crusades and Richard the Lion-Hearted from AJTL “Exploring the Middle Ages.”
  • Timeline: Paste our mini-timeline figures into our timeline notebook.  (Tutorial here!)  using the blank timeline from Guest Hollow that can be found here.
  • Science:  Study guide & lapbook piece on Food Chain from AJTL “Exploring Science.”
  • Geography:  Blackline map with locations labeled (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Blackline Maps with Labels to Color Wks 1-24.pdf).
  • Math:  Skip count maze found on Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • Latin:  Fill in conjugations on dry erase version of Latin chart (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin Conjugation Chart.pdf)
  • English:  Pronoun Order cut & paste (my file on C3: Week 3 – Pronoun Order – Cut, Paste, and Label.pdf)


  • History:  History Sentence Fill-in-the-Blanks from C3 (History Sentences – fill-in-the-blanks Weeks 3-4.pdf).  BrainPop video “Crusades.”
  • Timeline:  Add timeline figures from HTTA to our timeline notebook.
  • Geography:  Laminated map activity game from C3 (Geography Game weeks 1-6.pdf).   Geography lapbook (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Geography Lapbook – ALL WEEKS.pdf)
  • Science:   Food Chain worksheet (my file on C3: Week 3 – Parts of the Food Chain – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf).
  • Math:  Multiplication circles from Worksheet Fun.
  • Latin:  Conjugation file folder game (my file on C3: Cycle 2 Latin File Folder Game.pdf)
  • English:  Pronoun Order label by hand (my file on C3: Week 3 – Pronoun Order – Cut, Paste, and Label.pdf)


  • All subjects:  Binder Builder activities from AJTL.  Complete any work we didn’t finish throughout the week.
  • Math: Skip count on 200’s chart (given to me by my director last year – I can’t find it on C3!)

Hope you find these plans helpful!


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