Pronoun Printables on C3!

I was struggling to find a fun way to teach my daughter the English Grammar material in Foundations.  As the Essentials tutor for our campus, you can probably understand why I was a bit ashamed of that fact.  I was thisclose to pulling out my EEL trivium tables and telling her to start memorizing when some ideas for printables came to me.  I made some files to help practice learning pronouns and *fingers crossed* they will help my sweet girl memorize her pronouns so that when she gets to EEL next year, she can focus on the harder aspects of pronouns instead of working to memorize pronoun lists.  (Because whew!  Don’t tell my Essentials students, but pronouns are pretty much my least favorite part of speech.  They are a pain!)

To download, search C3 for the file name listed about each image.  Purple splotches won’t appear on the C3 files.  If you are unsure what C3 (also known as CC Connected) or want to sign up, please contact your campus director or your child’s tutor.

Week 2 – Pronoun – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 3 – Pronoun Order – Cut, Paste, and Label.pdf


Week 4 – Nominative Pronouns – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 5 – Objective Pronouns – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 6 – Possessive Pronouns – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 7 – Possessive Adjectives – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 8 – Reflexive Pronouns – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Weeks 4-8 – Pronoun Patch – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Weeks 9-13 – Pronoun Patch – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


I am working on making some “pronoun patches” that are blank where the students can just write the pronouns from memory.  Look on C3 for those soon!


2 thoughts on “Pronoun Printables on C3!

  1. Hi, Your printable’s are fantastic, unfortunately I cannot find them on C3 anywhere. I assume they are under the essentials at home sharing section but I can’t find anything with the titles listed above. Could you please give me a little more direction.
    Dana C.

    • Dana,
      They are actually under the Foundations Sharing section. Amazing job on them! So very thankful you are willing to share these with us.
      Maria G.

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