Science Printables for Weeks 7-12 on C3!

Here’s the printables I’ve made for weeks 7-12!  Simply search for the file name (listed about each photo) to find the file on C3.  (And, as usual, the purple spots are not on the C3 files – that’s just to protect copyrighted material!)


Week 7 – Kinds of Stars – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 8 – Parts of the Sun – Cut, Paste, and Label.pdf


Week 9 – Planets – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 10 – Phases of the Moon – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 11 – Space Bodies – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Week 12 – Space Missions – Cut, Paste, & Label.pdf


Enjoy!  I hope these will help your children with their memory work!


One thought on “Science Printables for Weeks 7-12 on C3!

  1. We’re on Fall Break & I just finished printing my weeks 6-12 of your science & English printables. Thank you soooo much for developing these for us. I’ve missed your blog posts & God’s not calling you to give up blogging! If so, I totally understand & am thankful for your wisdom thus far. Thanks again!

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