Printables for 2nd Semester – English Grammar

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of you who have checked in and commented during my super-long blog break.  We’ve had our hands full these past several months, that is for sure!  Fostering our baby girl is still such a joy, but it’s a joy combined with lots of labor.  I’m having to learn to relax and not get too stressed out when our “schedule” isn’t followed to a T (which hasn’t happened since the beginning of November – ha!).

Yesterday and today were “sneaux” days for us, which is completely wild!  We always expect CC cancellations for hurricanes, but NEVER for winter weather.  It just doesn’t happen here in New Orleans.  And very few flakes fell, but enough rain fell to cause the zillion bridges we have around us to ice over and become super-dangerous.  I’ve been really saddened by what’s going on in Alabama and Georgia right now.  It’s funny, Monday night and yesterday morning, people were making fun of Louisiana folks on Facebook because orders had been issued for school and government office closures for Tuesday while it was still 60 degrees outside (our weather is wacko, I’m telling you!).  The city completely shut down in anticipation of the storm.  After seeing what has happened in AL & GA, I am so thankful our state and local leaders took steps to keep people here safe, and I wish the same had been done in those states.  I hope and pray those still stranded on the road will be able to be rescued and brought home (or at the very least to warmth!) safely.  My heart breaks to think of people trying to get through that mess, but especially for children and the elderly.

Anyway, all that to say, we cancelled CC this week and my hubby has had the past two days off from work.  With him home, I was able to finish up the printables for English grammar & science for this semester.  I’ve included pictures of the printables below so you can see what you’ll be downloading.  They are the same format as my other printables – answer sheet, cut & paste, and label (for older kids).  And of course the purple splotches won’t be there.  🙂












These are all uploaded on CC Connected (or C3 – however you want to say it).  You can find them by looking under my user name:  tara504

(Yes, some of you may notice my user name changed.  I got some comments that a few of you couldn’t find the files by searching for the file name, and when I tried there were a few that didn’t work for some reason.  But I wasn’t too comfortable with my user name floating around because it contained some personal information.  So I contacted the nice people at CC Tech Support and they changed my user name to something very generic for me, something I’m not worried about posting publicly.  I’ve deleted all the files under my old name and now everything is uploaded under this name.)  🙂

I’ll post science pics soon!


2 thoughts on “Printables for 2nd Semester – English Grammar

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your worksheets have been such a great help to my son in homeschooling. We have been using your cut and paste worksheets all year! Cutting with scissors was a challenge that my son, now 5, is overcoming because of our weekly practice with your worksheets. Now that he is writing more, we do both the cutting and filling in the blanks worksheets, and he loves them (and doesn’t even realize he is getting twice the practice!)

    I wanted to let you know that I noticed on the forum a few people looking for the old files under your old user name and it was then that I realized all your files were gone. After a frantic google search for “pronoun patch”, I found your blog and explanation above. I have posted on the forum where folks can find them as I am sure they were just as panicked as I was!!!

    Thanks again so much for doing the worksheets – you have such a talent for making it easy for the littles to learn!

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