2014-2015 Cycle 3 Planner is Ready!

Hi friends!

Guess what?  The new planner is finished!

This one has been a whirlwind to get finished.  Actually, I wasn’t even planning to have it done this soon (no time!  baby at home!  preparing to train the Essentials tutors at practicum!) but my friend Hollie put a little bird in my ear that she really wanted to have it done in time for their practicum (which begins tomorrow) and if I could get it done, she’d be happy to show it off to everyone at her practicum.  That’s a pretty hard offer to resist, right?  😉  All joking aside, it was good motivation to get it done and not stress myself out throughout the month of June (when my husband will be gone on a work trip to Baltimore and then a mission trip to Peru).  And now it’s finished and I’m pumped.  I didn’t think it was possible for me to love it more than last year’s, but I truly do.  I don’t know how I’m going to top it for next year.  But enough sentiment – let’s get to the planner!  Wanna take a peek inside?



(My printed pages – photo taken by my hubby)  🙂

First up, the cover and the main calendar page (where you record school days for state requirements)


Next, we have the calendar itself.  Just like last year, there is the dual-page monthly calendar with the goals/to-do list column…


… and then weekly pages, with the days of the week, mini calendar, weekly goals/to-do’s, and book list (who DOESN’T need a place to list their desired library/Amazon books???)


And that’s the calendar – every week from July 2014-June 2015.


(I love the colors!  I need lots of color in my life.)  🙂

This year I’ve added some new pages to help you with your homeschooling and homekeeping needs.  Let’s go through those now, and I’ll share why I’ve made them and how I’ll be using them in our homeschool this year.  Some pages will only require one copy; others might require multiple copies depending on your number of children or planned use for the pages.

First up is a dual-page spread to record field trips and outings.  Here in New Orleans, we’re part of four different homeschooling groups, and keeping track of all the field trips and outings is tough, especially when some things are planned way in advance.  These pages help keep all the field trips centrally located and keep me from forgetting the October field trip that was scheduled way back in August.


Same thing with important reminders.  Registration forms due, tuition due, annual camping trip, etc. etc. etc.  The best description for these pages is Help Tara Not Forget Stuff.  🙂


Next up is the daily schedule page.  I made two of these – one with pre-made times (if your day usually runs from 6AM to 10PM) and one that is blank.  Both are included in the download.  Since it’s always a struggle to get my daughter out of bed before 9AM, I’ll give you three guesses which page I’ll be using personally.  🙂


Next up are goals.  The pages are almost identical unless you want to personalize the page per student.


Next up is the curriculum expenditures page.  Now, I know I’m the only person who is so disorganized with our homeschool expenses that I would need a place to literally write down every single expense so I’m not scrambling around like a crazy person come tax time.  BUT, just in case there’s someone else out there who also finds herself scrambling at tax time, here’s a handy-dandy sheet to record your expenses.  (And can we meet for coffee and bond over the fact that we’re both scramblers?  Hmm, that makes us sound like some sort of egg by-product.)  🙂

The resources and references page is simply a place to jot down awesome things that you see/hear, because unfortunately real life doesn’t have a “pin this!” button.  I can’t tell you how many awesome conversations with other homeschool moms I’ve had over lunch at CC or at the park and the only thing I have to record their wisdom & ideas is a crumpled up napkin from the bottom of my purse.


Next up is the reading list.  I included this as a way to edify my daughter and show her her progress throughout the year.  The beauty of this is I can print as many copies as possible so she can keep filling in those blanks. 🙂

There are also notes pages.  Those are self-explanatory.  🙂


I also included some pages for helping my daughter with Bible study.  We use the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) method for Bible study, and it’s been a huge blessing for us.  Since it has blessed us so much, I included a page for you to use with your children.  Obviously this is a page that would require multiple copies.

The other page is a place to record verses memorized.  I know many of us – especially those of us who educate classically – work on verse memorization, and many churches have children’s programs that encourage Scripture memory.


Now let’s move on to the homekeeping pages.

The first page is a cleaning schedule.  This is fully customizable, so you can either incorporate someone else’s schedule here or make up one that works best in your home.

The next page is a chore chart.  I recommend printing this, laminating it, and then using a dry erase to record weekly duties.  That’s our plan, anyway.  🙂


The final pages are menu planning pages.  They are designed to be printed front & back so you can cut off the shopping list end if you plan two weeks at a time.  A little note about the menu plan: you’ll notice I didn’t include indicators for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  When I get menu planning sheets I’ve downloaded from other sites, that always ends up being wasted space for our family.  Our breakfasts & lunches are pretty routine (cereal, sandwiches, soup, etc.), so the only meal I really plan is dinner.  But I tried to leave enough space so that anyone who wants to plan all three meals plus snacks would have enough room to do so.


So those are all the extras!  I’m really excited to use these.  🙂


And in case you’re wondering where the weekly CC planning pages are, don’t worry – they’re available too and all updated for Cycle 3!



Oh, and new and improved this year – PAGE NUMBERS on the calendar!  Lesson learned – always put page numbers on 100+page files.  😉  The extra pages DO NOT have page numbers since those are print-how-you-wish.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your copy of this!

First off, I want to say thank you so very much to all of you who have commented, emailed, Facebook-messaged me, etc. about the planner.  It has been a blessing to me to hear how much this planner blessed you all and your homeschools this past year!

The drawback is that this year, I simply do not have the time to email out everything individually anymore.  That’s part of having a high-needs foster baby AND homeschooling AND everything else that comes with the homeschool family life (and all the other homeschool mamas said AMEN, right?).  I deeply, truly appreciate the many offers I’ve gotten from all of you, being so kind and generous and offering to pay for the calendar this year.  That has lifted a burden off my shoulders and has allowed me to provide this again for you but at the same time relieve the HUGE time commitment it took to email each individual person last year.  That’s also why I’ve included the extra pages this year – since I am charging for it, I want to make sure you get some extra files for your buck.

 So here’s how it will work.  Everything EXCEPT the weekly planning pages (the ones with the CC memory work on them) will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop, Creole Paperie.  You can purchase your copy HERE.  The files are already uploaded to Etsy, so once you purchase the listing, you will be able to download your planner immediately.

The weekly planning pages will be available as a free download on CC Connected (I feel like now that we’re in Cycle 3 I need to write out CC Connected – weird, right?).  I stand firm to my commitment that I won’t sell/profit from anything that contains any copyrighted work from Classical Conversations.   You can find the planner pages by searching for my user name, tara504, under Cycle 3.

A few notes:

1. This can be bound at an office supply store for around $5 (I think Office Depot is $4.50) or you can hole punch it and put it in a binder.

2.  When you print, make sure your printer is set to “fit printable area” (or similar setting).  If you set it to actual size, you’ll lose the pretty flowers.  🙂

3.  The cover that comes with the Etsy download is a general cover.  The CC cover is included with the planning pages available on CC Connected.

OK, I think that’s it!  If I think of anything else, I’ll do a follow up post!  Thank you so much for your support!  Now I’m going to get back to preparing for Essentials tutor training for next week.  I might have to do a post on that – I have been really encouraged by all the material I’ve gone through to train the other Essentials tutors!  🙂

Oh, and I’ve also sketched out the first 12 weeks of science printables, so after we’re done with practicum and I have some time to work, I’ll get those designed and uploaded to CC Connected (I’m so stoked we’re covering anatomy this year!).  And English will be right behind them!  🙂





3 thoughts on “2014-2015 Cycle 3 Planner is Ready!

  1. What makes this planner specific to “Cycle 3”? It appears this could be used for any cycle and for any schooling type (not specific to Classical).

    • Hi Lisa! Great question, and it’s something I should have talked about in the post. Yes, the planner itself can be used for any type of homeschooling. I tried to create something that could be a benefit to all homeschoolers. The monthly & weekly calendar layouts are almost exactly the same layouts I used for last year’s planner; the only difference is, of course, all the dates had to be changed. The pages available on CC Connected are what make the planner specific to Cycle 3. Those include two-page planning layouts to record ideas, projects, reading, activities, etc. specific to each week of CC, and the memory work is at the top of each of those pages to help remind parents what is being studied each week. I use the weekly planning pages to sketch out what I want to do for each week of memory work, then as the date grows closer, I transfer that information into the calendar section of the planner. Personally, I found with other planners that I needed a place to keep all my plans for what to do each week, because when I tried to write them all down in the calendar section, we would inevitably end up having a cancelled school day because of a hurricane or something like that. Year before last, I planned out the entire first semester and wrote down everything beginning with the start date of our campus, and we missed class on Week 3 because of a hurricane evacuation and the planner was ruined (because, of course, I also wrote everything in pen – not too smart!). That’s how I use the calendar & planning pages together. I hope this has answered your question accurately. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Yes! I’m so glad you made this again this year! I love how pretty and useful it is! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

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