2015-2016 Planners are ready!

It’s been almost a year since I last posted… oops.  I’m just not a good blogger!  I’d love to change that this year!  This was initially our adoption blog, which then changed to a school blog when we couldn’t blog about our adoption process due to foster care restrictions.  Anyway, here’s a few bullet points about what we’ve been up to this past year:

  • I finished tutoring my 3rd year of Essentials (love that class!)
  • My oldest achieved memory master for the 3rd time (woohoo!  trifecta accomplished!)

aaaannnndddd most importantly….

We finished our foster/adoption process and are now the proud parents of TWO beautiful daughters!

I will be composing some posts in a few weeks about our process of adopting through the foster system now that it’s finally – hallelujah! – OVER, and also a post on our perspective of having our homeschool life on display for what seems like every state worker in the state of Louisiana.  But I know that’s not why you’re here today.  You’re here because of planners.

Yes, planners.  Plural.  You guys gave me lots of feedback last year, and I listened and tried to incorporate the best suggestions and constructive criticisms I received.  I hope you are happy with the offerings this year!  Let’s get to it.

First off, new background design.  This year I went with quatrefoil.  I am a sucker for a good quatrefoil pattern.  I hope you guys love it too!


This is the cover page and the full calendar page (calendar similar to the previous years’ planners).  I use the calendar to record how many days we’ve “done” school.  I also have the boxes at the bottom where you can color code certain dates – holidays, birthdays, field trips, co-op days, etc.  I will have an alternate CC-themed cover included in the planning pages download on CC Connected.

Now let’s talk about the types of planners I made this year!  I have FOUR to choose from!

Each planner has a two-page spread of the full monthly calendar.  I left the Scripture verses about wisdom on there for this year.  I love having these little reminders about the source of our wisdom!


Now for the different planner styles!

First up is the Traditional Multi-Subject Planner, similar to what I’ve made in the past.


I did make a few modifications to this one this year, specifically with the subjects down the side.  (Can I just say I hate using the word “subjects” – learning so much about Challenge has made me really dislike that word, but I don’t really know what else to call it and still have it make sense.)

The subjects listed on the tabs this year are:

  • Bible/devotion (I realized how much I needed this one myself when I didn’t have a place to record what we were studying!)
  • Math
  • Language Arts (I figured this could be used for spelling/phonics & grammar, or EEL assignments for Essentials students)
  • Reading/writing (any assigned reading and writing, or IEW papers for Essentials students)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Projects/Field Trips

Each month has the Monday-Friday layout, with 4 “check off” dots in each box so you can assign a color to each student or put different assignments next to the dots to check off.

The second type of planner is just like the one above, except all the subject tabs are blank.  This is the Multi-Subject Blank Planner.  This way you have the freedom to fill in your own subjects based on what you do in your personal homeschool (see below!).


The dates are still completed for this planner, so the only thing you’ll have to fill in is the subject tabs!

The third type of planner is the Block Planner.  This is the planner I will personally be using this year.


The vision behind this planner is based on how I did my personal homeschool last year.  We reviewed our CC memory work every day, but I wanted to take a day per subject to drill deeper because my daughter was asking great questions and wanting to know more about what we were learning in the memory work.  I was overwhelmed trying to “add on” to the memory work daily, but by taking one day to focus on history, one day to focus on science, etc., we were able to go deeper in her studies without mom feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious!

This planner is broken down into the basic daily subjects, then there are “blocks” (hence the name of the planner) for in-depth study on different days.

Daily subjects:

  • Bible/devotion
  • Math
  • Language Arts (I figured this could be used for spelling/phonics & grammar, or EEL assignments for Essentials students)
  • Reading/writing (any assigned reading and writing, or IEW papers for Essentials students)
  • Projects/Field Trips

Block subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Fine Arts

For the blocks, you can pick which day you’d like to do which subject.  For our personal homeschool, we would combine a couple of block subjects since we spent one day a week at our CC Community.

And finally, the fourth planner is the Blank Block Planner.  This is the same layout at the Block Planner, except the subjects are blank.  You can pick and choose what to study daily and what to study once or twice a week.


So those are the four types of planners!  I hope you can find one to suit your needs for this upcoming year!

Each planner runs from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.  The calendar pages are numbered for ease of printing.  If you begin printing with the first page (the yearly calendar all on one page), the whole calendar should print correctly when set to print front & back.  It is designed so that the big month pages should face each other, and then each set of weekly pages should face each other (Monday-Wednesday on the left hand side, Thursday, Friday, & checklists on the right hand side).

Now let’s take a look at the extra pages!  These are the same pages as last year, just updated with the quatrefoil background that I am loving this year!


There are pages to record field trips and important reminders in monthly format.


A page for recording books that have been read and a sheet for you to jot down ideas, inspiration, websites, etc.


Daily schedules.  This came in SO handy for me last year!  I sat down over the summer and planned out our days (I had to print a new sheet for each day we weren’t at our CC Community!).  It was really tough juggling taking our youngest to her different foster care appointments and doctor visits and still trying to educate my oldest.  I scheduled us down to the minute.  Did I stick to it religiously?  No, of course not!  But having that framework helped our family tremendously!  I used the blank one, but there is a prefilled hourly schedule included in the download also.


Scripture verses & SOAP.  If your kids are in any kind of Bible drill, AWANA, etc. or you’ve made Scripture memory a discipline in your home, this is a great page to record the verses your child(ren) are memorizing.  The SOAP page is a method of Bible study that I use with my oldest, as a way to teach her how to study God’s Word more in-depth.  This can be used daily or when your kids come across tricky passages and you want them to dig deeper.


Curriculum expenses & goals.  I made the curriculum expense sheet because I needed a single place to record all my expenditures (I’m sure there’s an app for that somewhere, but I personally like writing stuff down and keeping it all in one place!).  There are two versions of the goal sheet: one you can personalize with a name, and one like is pictured above.  Setting goals early in the year is a great way to get your kids to take ownership of the things that are important to them, and sometimes it helps to have a tangible reminder of those goals.  🙂


Chore chart & cleaning schedule.  The chore chart can be printed and laminated or slipped into a dry-erase envelope or page protector to be used over and over.  I still struggle with making sure my oldest is doing what is required of her, so I need to be better at implementing that in our home.  I made the cleaning schedule page to help you keep track of your to-do’s around the home.  I always forget things like rotating mattresses or cleaning ceiling fans (blech) so it’s good for me to have a place to write it down so I can remember when those things need to be done!


Menu planning & shopping list.  Because we’re not just home educators, we’re stewards of our homes, too.  I created the menu planning page to be printed front & back, and that the shopping list could be cut off for easy use.  I did not break down the boxes into breakfast/lunch/dinner because I know not everyone plans every meal (myself included – I only plan dinners because we do cereal or eggs for breakfast and sandwiches or soup for lunch every day).  That way you can customize it to your family’s needs.

There are also some plain notes pages included in the extra pages download.

All of these extra pages will be included with the download you purchase.  I did not number the “extras” pages because I know some will be used more than once, some will be printed once and laminated, etc.  The extras are completely customizable for your planner.  Print and choose what you’d like to use!

These planners are for sale in my Etsy shop.  I’ve linked them in each description above, but here are the links again:

Traditional Multi-Subject Planner

Traditional Multi-Subject Blank Planner

Block Planner

Blank Block Planner

If you come across any typos in the planners, please let me know so I can fix them!  I’ve created almost 600 pages so there’s bound to be some errors somewhere!


1. This can be printed at home and then bound at an office supply store for around $5 (I think Office Depot is $4.50) or you can hole punch it and put it in a binder.

2. When you print, make sure your printer is set to “fit printable area” (or similar setting). If you set it to actual size, you’ll lose the pretty quatrefoil border.

And I know what your next question is… CC Cycle 1 planning pages???  They are in process!  I will get them completed and uploaded to CC Connected soon.  🙂

Thank you for all your emails and support!  I have been so excited to do this again this year.  I’ve been working since January on these 4 planners because I really wanted to create something that would work for my fellow homeschool parents!  I hope you LOVE them!  And if you have suggestions for anything else for the “Extras” pages, let me know!

Thank you, kind CC and homeschooling friends!  You are the best!!!


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